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Clannad OST

-Yooo!!Mais uma postagem!!Hoje vou encher o Blog!!
-O povo vai gostar,hein?
-É,vamos lá!

Disco 1:

*Mag Mell
*Town,Flow of Time,People
*That's Like the Wind
*Étude Pour les Petites Supercordes
*Her Determination
*Tea Party in the Reference Room
*Spring Breeze
*Country Lane
*Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time
*The Day's Leisure
*A Pair of Idiots
*Reduce to Ashes
*Phase of the Moon

Download do Disco 1:Download

Disco 2:

*Roaring Tide
*Roaring Tide II
*To the Same Heights
*The Place Where Wishes Come True
*Shining in the Sky
*Two Shadows
*White Clovers
*Distant Years-piano
*Distant Years
*Country Train
*The Place Where Whishes Come True II
*Nagisa:Parting at the Foot of the Hill
*Small Palms

Download do disco 2:Download

Disco 3:

*Fantasy II
*Spring Breeze-afternoon
*Spring Breeze-tempo up
*Spring Breeze-piano
*Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time-guitar
*Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time-sax
*Mag Mell-cockcool mix(short ver)
*Two Shadows(short ver)
*Ana(short ver)
*Ana(full ver)
*Mag Mell(off vocal ver)
*Small Palms(off vocal ver)
*Two Shadows(off vocal ver)
*Unused Track 1
*Unused Track 2

Download do disco 3:Download

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